Can One Day change your life?

May 2017 / A blog birthday & key life events / reading time: 5 minutes (1300 words)

One year

Today is my blog birthday.  One year of blogging on the first Monday of every month (or a Tuesday if Monday’s a bank holiday ).

As the birthday blog post, of course, I had great plans for this 12th blog post.  It was going to find the connection between my hour of writing in the spare room and the Syrian Civil War, the baby gestating in a friend’s wife’s womb and the birth of the universe. And it would have done all of that, I’m sure of it, but my wife put the radio on in our room and even from the spare room I heard

an 80s keyboard throb

A cello slip in and hover over it

and then an echoey surge as the vocals kick in

And I’m transported back to One Day that changed my life…

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