Please recommend children’s books on Climate Action!

Myself and my eleven year old son have attended two of the climate strikes together.

He is still in primary school and not yet ready to march out of class so I collect him and we cycle in. We bring his trusty ‘Stop Climate Change’ sign. I carry my ‘Dads Against Climate Change’ sign. We join the crowd, two small individuals but part of a growing  awareness in society that Climate Change is the primary crisis facing the earth right now.

Each time I’m in the middle of those crowds of kids, I’m ashamed on behalf of all grownups. We have done so little. Each one of those young activists inspires me. And, as both a reader and a middle grade writer, I wonder what books inspired them?

I know the impact books had on me as a child.  So I thought of doing something here in my blog about climate change. Maybe a series of recommended literary resources to help inspire a budding activist.

But I’m not going to try to reinvent the wheel.

There are many authors who have communicated for years about climate action to young readers. There are book bloggers who have exhaustively compiled lists of recommended reading for children of all ages on this topic.  There are even kidslit authors who have put down their pens and run campaigns and organisations that work to save our planet.

However, I just don’t know exactly who has done what and where.

Over the next month, I’ll be looking for resources and recommendations from authors and bloggers and reviewers from the kidslit writing community. I’ll gather them together in a blog post on the first Monday next month. It’ll be a small, online showcase for the amazing work being done within the children’s fiction community on this issue.

So please suggest them to me below in the comments box or contact me directly on Twitter with any recommendations or links. Thank you very much!  I’m excited to discover everything being done on this issue and sharing them with you all.








2 Responses

  1. Joanne Doyle

    Hi Oran,

    I remember Z for Zachariah being a great read when I was a kid – not directly climate change but nuclear- holocaust/humanity- ruining -the earth- theme kind of relevant?

    Non-Fiction: Someone in my child protection consultancy group recommended this as a kit for youth activism: (edited). Again – not directly climate change but has methods for non-violent activism.


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