3 tips on voting for climate action!

Are you having difficulty making a decision on who to vote for this Saturday?

Do you want to vote for candidates and parties who are credible when it comes to action on climate change?

This blogpost is far from a comprehensive guide – there are plenty of sources of useful guidance on voting with the climate in mind. However, these are the three questions (and two key organisations) that I have found useful in making up my mind.

1. What did they do in the past?

Not Here Not Anywhere(NHNA) are a nationwide, grassroots, non-partisan group campaigning to end fossil fuel exploration and the development of new fossil fuel infrastructure in Ireland. They advocate for a just transition to renewable energy systems both here and around the world.

NHNA have developed a handy Climate Score. They analysed Dáil voting records to find out which election candidates and political parties have been a positive voice for climate action in the Dail. You can look up your local sitting TDs and see their voting records. Do check it out.


2. What do they say they will do?

The One Future Campaign calls for faster and fairer climate action and grew out of conversations between the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition and other civil society umbrella organisations and grassroots climate activists. They believe:

“We need whoever is elected on Saturday 8th Feb to know that we the people want them to be braver in their climate commitments. They must commit to act faster and fairer.”

One Future brought in three independent experts to help them score the manifestos of the political parties in this election. Read more about how they came to these conclusions here.


3. What does your candidate say to you?

The Irish political system allows a remarkable level of access for the public to their politicians or candidates. In these last days of the election campaign, candidates are jumping at the chance to speak to you and win your vote.

Just like Extinction Rebellion and One Future who are speaking to the public and to politicians to promote urgent climate action, you can email your candidate or talk to them when they canvas in your community or approach them at the many public events they are taking part in.

As it can be hard to know what to say and some politicians do try to bamboozle with bulls**t, One Future have developed a handy list of specifics that are needed to take urgent climate action. On their website they have a detailed list of questions you can ask your local candidate amongst other useful resources.

Onefuture flyer


Good luck with making your decisions and…


Notes: Thank you to One Future and Not Here Not Anywhere for their excellent work. All photos are from them. The main photo is by One Future and includes a One Future flyer plus Extinction Rebellion flyers and stickers.


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