5 writing interviews from 2020 (to inspire you in 2021!)

It’s January 4th and that means the hols are over and I’m back to writing this week. If you’re back writing too, here’s the five writing interviews that I did in 2020 to inform, guide and motivate you in your 2021 writing year!

1. BOOK-SPOILED: Asha & the Spirit Bird

Here’s a spoiler filled interview with Jasbinder Bilan for anyone like myself who loved Asha’s adventures and wants to understand this award winning book’s writing journey.

2. DM’terview with Pádraig Kenny: Writers & their audience

For the first in my series of interviews conducted entirely through Twitter DMs, I asked the hyper-talented author, Pádraig Kenny, about his thoughts on writers and their audience.

3. DM’terview with author Eve McDonnell: Writing great settings!

I went to the fantastic debut author, Eve McDonnell, for some tips on how to write a great setting and she definitely delivered.

Elsetime by Eve McDonnell

4. DM’terview with Venetia Gosling: Editing can even be fun!

I’m fascinated with the editing process and who better to talk to about it then super experienced editor / former publisher Venetia Gosling who has worked with everyone (even editing the original How to train your dragon book).

MoviE Picture: How to Train Your Dragon [2010]

5. DM’terview with Olivia Hope: The Waiting Game

Finally, 2020 was a year that delivered a few writing challenges to me (alongside its myriad other challenges) so I was thrilled to get some inspiration and motivation from children’s picture book author, Olivia Hope.

There you go. That’s five. That’s all you get. Don’t be greedy.

Thanks to all my interviewees. As usual, this year I’ll have a blog post out on the first Monday of every month (or the Tuesday if it’s a bank holiday). I look forward to interviewing more fine writing minds and learning loads more in 2021. Here’s wishing you all have a creative and fulfilling writing year and that you always bring your A-game!

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