After everything that’s happened

Today’s blog post won’t be the best blog post I’ve ever written. It certainly won’t be the one I’ve spent the most time on. But what it will be is written and published. Which is good enough for me after everything that’s happened.

I published sixty five monthly blog posts in a row over more than five years, all of them but one on the first Monday of the month (except for bank holidays when they went out on the Tuesday.) And, you know, I think that with everything that’s happened, that really was a good run.

I didn’t post anything in November last year. Or December. Or last month. Why not? Well, like you, I was tired after everything that’s happened. And writing a blog post felt like just one too many things to do. If I was a plane in November then I was one that was losing fuel. I needed to jettison any unnecessary weight to keep afloat. It worked. I am still flying, still up here with my head in the clouds.

It wasn’t just that. I also ran out of enthusiam and / or confidence. Either I couldn’t decide on an idea to write about or a person to interview or if I had an idea or person to interview then I always found a compelling reason not to do it. Indeed, when I went to write this today, I found a the draft of a blog post for November. It had a title, ‘One hour more,’ and nothing more. That powerful analysis and ultimate endorsement of daylight savings time will never be written. Another of the many losses of everything that’s happened.

Today’s just about restarting. After everything that’s happened, it’s not about getting it perfect, it’s just about getting it done.

Here’s to getting it done in 2022.

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