The Story Thief Challenges


Dad said we can use his website to do The Story Thief Challenges, a 12 episode blog series about everything that happened to us last year, but said we have to give all readers a WARNING. 

It’s not a warning that reading episodes of the Story Thief Challenges will scare and excite kids, although they will!

It’s not a warning that this series helps kids write stories as each episode has writing advice and writing activities for 8-12 year olds from top Irish kids fiction authors .

Nor is it a warning for teachers, librarians and other educators on how to use this series with kids

It should be a warning to remind you get kids’ work featured on our site!

No, it’s a WARNING to never do what we did!

Never write a letter to the the Story Thief!

Never hide it between the covers of your favorite book!

And never, ever agree to do the Story Thief’s Challenges!