Episode 1

Y5 undertook the first Story Challenge of the series with author Nigel Quinlan in Episode One: How to get your story:

PS: I have a Story Challenge for you, to help you with your story thinking: Close your eyes, then open them and pick the first thing you see. Or open a dictionary and choose the first word your finger points to. Or ask a friend or family member what they’re thinking about right now.

Now that you’ve picked something, think about how you would use it to make a story. It can be serious or silly, long or short – any kind of story you like. Ask questions in your mind. What? Why? Where? What if…? What would happen if…?

Now write down your story, or tell it to someone.

Here’s the great stories they created:

Harris: ‘Once upon a time, and I mean way in the future time…’


Barney – ‘The Mouths of Chaos!!!’


Mark – ‘Cricket Ball’




Harry – Arundel Castle


James – ‘It was another sunny day in clock town…’


Emmanuel  – The Pencil of the Wild West