Art by Eve McDonnell

Dad said we can use his website to do The Story Thief Challenges, a 12 episode blog series about everything that happened to us last year, but said we have to give all readers a WARNING. 

It’s not a warning that reading episodes of the Story Thief Challenges will scare and excite kids, although they will!

It’s not a warning that this series helps kids write stories, because each episode has writing advice and writing activities for 8-12 year olds from Irish kids fiction authors. It features Nigel Quinlan, Sínead O’Hart, ER Murray, Caroline Busher, Kieran Crowley, Padraig Kenny, Lara Williamson, Erika McGann ,Dave Rudden, Catherine Doyle and soon Celine Kiernan.

Nor is it a warning that some stuff on this website is dull for kids, but great for showing teachers, librarians and other educators how to use this series with kids 

It should be a warning to remind you get your kids’ work featured on our site!

And a warning to subscribe to the Story Thief in case you miss an episode and regret it forever. 

No, it’s a WARNING to never do what we did!

Never write a letter to the the Story Thief!

Never hide it between the covers of your favorite book!

And never, ever agree to do the Story Thief’s Challenges!