Episode 12 Guidance

Here’s the guidance and resource materials for teachers, librarians, parents and others who work with children for Episode Twelve of The Story Thief Challenges.

Story Re-cap questions:

  1. Who was the Story Thief?
  2. He gave lot of reasons for why he was stealing people’s stories – why do you think he did it? And why did he stop doing it?
  3. Why did their father choose not to take a story from the Thief’s library?
  4. What happened when they opened the shutters of the library and let the storm inside? Was it a real storm or magical? Why?
  5. How did the Story Challenges change the two kids? How did their father change?

Re-cap questions on Mrs Grieve’s Y6 students’ writing advice :

  1. Is it okay to get ideas from movies or books or television?
  2. What types of words can help you show not tell? Why is it important to show not tell?
  3. Do you always have to plan a story out fully before you start writing it?
  4. How can you use something that has already happened to you in a story?
  5. How can your day to day surroundings help you write a story?

Story Challenge:

PS: P.S. Mrs Grieve said we could set a writing challenge! Harris was a genius and he came up with this fab idea. Choose someone you admire, it can be anyone – your favourite footballer, popstar, actor, author, anyone. Now write a story with them as your main character.

Once the challenge is completed?

As ever we’d love to see what the kids came up with and show it to all our readers on the kids’ work pages.  Please get in touch to arrange this on our contact page.