Episode 4 Caroline Busher

Caroline Busher - Author Headshot

Caroline Busher is the Irish Times best-selling author of “The Ghosts of Magnificent Children”.

Blank bookcover with clipping pathHer new novel “The Girl Who Ate The Stars”(Poolbeg Press) was released in March 2018.

‘Cuán wakes from her sleep. She has claws like daggers and glowing amber eyes. Her dress is made from the petals of black roses and she wears a necklace made of thorns. An ill wind blows, and a pack of bloodthirsty wolves appears …’

Blank white book w/pathShe did an MA in Creative Writing and is a Heritage Expert with the Heritage Council of Ireland. Caroline is the Festival Manager of “Towers and Tales” Book Festival in Lismore Castle and the Vice Chair of Wexford Literary Festival.

Caroline is represented by Trace Literary Agency (USA) and facilitates Creative Writing Workshops.

Her books are suitable for 10 – 12 year olds.

Find out much much more about Caroline and her book and contact her on her webpage

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